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Doh! 6 Times Men Missed a Woman’s Biggest Hint

Modern dating for most young men is littered with missed catches, blind ignorance, and bad luck. However, sometimes a woman offers you the chance of a lifetime, only for you to miss the hint.

A recent online discussion sees men sharing stories about retrospective lost opportunities with the opposite sex. What was your “one that got away”?

A married man recalls how useless he was in reading the signs that his former partner was attracted to him. “I never thought someone as pretty and unique as her would ever feel the same way,” he notes.

1. Maybe She’s Lonely?

When a young man met a hot woman at a bar once, he made a schoolboy error. “We were chatting at a bar, and it was getting late. I ask her if I can get her something, and she says, ‘Nothing now, but you can buy me breakfast in the morning,'” he recalls.

2. Your Place, Mine, or Waffle House?

“She invites me to go swimming with her, but we needed to ‘go to her room so I could tell her which bikini looked best on her first’,” says another hapless romantic, who replied, “No, just pick one and meet me at the pool.” I mean, really?

3. Really, Guy?

Recalling his college days, a comic book lover would frequent a local store, where he got on well with a cute female employee. “Eventually, she moved and stopped working there — that’s when her former co-workers informed me that she’d been waiting for over a year for me to ask her out,” he explains.

4. Comic Girl

“Nineteen-year-old me is thinking, ‘Why would driving my laundry to your house be less annoying than taking it to my building’s basement?’ so I just keep changing the subject.” It took six years for this sizeable hint to register — by which time it was too late.

5. All Washed Up

One winter’s night after a grueling day’s training, three women from his platoon appeared in his barracks asking if he wanted to “do some P.T. — it can be just the three of us and you; it’ll be fun.” Looking at the late hour — and missing the heavy proposition, he refused, thinking they must be crazy wanting to work out so late.

6. Extra-Curricular Activities

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