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Escape into 32 Photographs of Hauntingly Beautiful Abandoned Places

While some historical sites in America are well preserved, The U.S. Census Bureau estimates 19 million buildings have been abandoned across the county. Every day they are fading away into oblivion and taking history with them.

Opened in 1919, The Grossinger Resort in Liberty, NY, grew from 100 acres to 1200 acres in the 1950s.

1. Indoor Swim

The Grossinger Resort had it all and, in its heyday, was one of the largest resorts in the Catskills. The indoor pool featured a beauty salon with a view to a kill.

2. Less Privacy,  More Fantasy

Jackson Sanatorium is located in upstate New York and looks more like a scene from The Shining than a health resort. Known now as the place that invented Granola.

3. Haunted Cereal

Though several vain attempts at restoring the property and its accompanying cottages were made over the years, the cottages were burned down by vandals.

4. A Battle Lost  to Time

The Allegany County Home (originally called a poorhouse) was located near Angelica, NY, and was the crossroads to modern asylums. The staff often used music to soothe residents and teach them social skills. 

5. Music Therapy

Once audits of these poorhouses began and the atrocities within were discovered, they were reorganized, or the residents were dispersed to other locations. These “new” poorhouses were labeled “asylums.”

6. Reading is Fundamental

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