7 Financial Goals You *Should* Be Setting for the New Year

If you haven’t thought about creating some resolutions for 2021, here are some financially-focused goals you should be setting for this year.

1. Track Your Expenses Regularly  Schedule time to take a look back at previous years to get a good idea of how much you’re spending per month.

First, take a look into any unnecessary purchases on your end, from those streaming subscriptions to frequent take-out.

2. Crack Down on Hidden Fees and Unnecessary Spending

3. Set up or Increase Your Retirement Contributions Retirement may be decades away for you, but it’s never too early to start planning for it ahead of time.

Take a look into all the costs you need to pay off and track them in an excel sheet to stay as organized as possible.

4. Tackle Any Debt You Have

Even though you’re planning ahead for retirement and debt pay-offs, that doesn’t mean you won’t also need to make big purchases in the new year.

5. Make a Plan for Any Big 2021 Purchases

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