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Fun Things to do in Seattle with Kids!

Every year on spring break I take my boys on a road trip. My husband usually stays home to work and I take the opportunity to take them somewhere new for all of us to explore.

It’s an easy drive for us and Seattle is one of my favorite cities. But for this trip, we didn’t go to our usual spots and instead, made the trip about exploring places we hadn’t been to but were also kid-friendly.

Seattle Children’s Museum

I had been wanting to take Holter and Heath to the Seattle Children’s Museum for a while as I had heard such positive things about it. We made our way there after breakfast and enjoyed the lovely walk after finding parking for the day.

Where they got to wear hard hats and build their projects from scratch. They both love to build things at home and everything from the nuts and bolts to boards were oversized and perfect for their little hands.

The Dunn Lumber Construction Zone

The boys both fell in love with the glass that they could draw on and use a spray bottle to wipe off. This kept them occupied endlessly.

The Imagination Studio

I highly recommend signing up for a time at the Imagination Studio as soon as you arrive at the Children’s Museum. I didn’t expect them to spend so much time there, and luckily we had it to ourselves and were able to stay longer than we would have if there had been a waiting list.

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