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How Important Is Money in a Relationship? These Women Tell All

How important is money to you in a relationship? Is it a make or break for you when dating a man? A woman on the internet asked women for their views, and these are the top responses.

How Important Is Money to You in a Relationship?

They clarified that if they don’t have money but are grounded and ready to build a future, that’s great. But activities including spending above your means and gambling are unacceptable.

1. I Wouldn’t Date a Financially Irresponsible Man

The idea of dating a man who doesn’t at least try to save is a deal breaker for some. One clarified that if men spend all the money they make because they need to, that’s one thing.

2. I’d Never Date Someone That Doesn’t at Least Try To Save

She explained that she needs someone independent and contributing to life’s various expenses. Being the breadwinner is a stress that this woman doesn’t believe anyone should experience when you’re co-living.

3. Being the Only Bread Winner Would Be a Dealbreaker

One admitted to saying she didn’t care about money, placing love above it. However, they’ve learned that money is significant. So she needs someone rich enough to make her feel comfortable.

4. It’s Honestly Very Important

One woman admitted to being the financial drain and having a relationship with one. So she sets the boundary that she won’t date anyone who is not financially stable and prefers not to date anyone who doesn’t have a growth mindset.

5. Must Have a Growth Mindset

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