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How Much Is Your Starbucks Obsession Costing You?

Like anything, drinking coffee is a habit that can be amended or broken, and it would behoove you Starbucks addicts to do so to save big money.

How Much Is Your Starbucks Obsession Costing You?

What we are suggesting is that you make a smart financial decision and go for alternatives to Starbucks that give you the thing you want/need for much less.

Ways to Kick the Starbucks Habit

A small premium roast coffee will only run you $1.00 (compared to $1.85 at Starbucks), and a medium latte is only $2.89 (compared to $4.25 for the chai tea latte).


Whether you like to use Keurig cups or buy coffee in bulk, you’ll save a ton of money by brewing your own drinks.

Brew Your Own

Spending $4-$6 for something that will last me 3 or 4 days is a much better value than spending over $4 for one drink, and you can even get options made by Starbucks!

Buy Packaged Fancy Drinks

Tea is my preferred method of getting the caffeine I need because it’s so cheap and easy to make, and there are tons of great flavors to try.

Switch to Tea

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