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How To Make Money Self-Publishing on Amazon

Have you ever thought that maybe you had a story to tell?

Words of advice or wisdom to share with the world? Or a cautionary tale to help others avoid some mistakes you’ve made?

Do you think self-publishing a book might be a bit outside of your comfort zone and level of expertise? Well, think again.

The Introduction

Hey, I’m Jarek, and I’m a 34-year-old finance professional who is working towards early retirement. I blog for fun at, and enjoy sharing my story with others.

And now, here is more about Jarek:

A few years ago, I tried out self-publishing when it first really began to take off on Amazon.

Tell Us About a Fun, Unique, or Interesting Side Jam You’ve Tried:

I heard about people publishing their own short stories and wanted to get my creative juices flowing. It sounded like an easy way to make some extra cash and be creative while doing it.

What made you decide to get started with self-publishing on Amazon?

I always liked writing and felt self-publishing on Amazon would get some exposure and feedback on my work.

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