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How To Travel With a Cat From Litter Box to Suitcase

If you don’t like the idea of leaving the furry members of your family in a cattery while you’re on vacation or relocating long distance, you’ll need to make sure you properly plan how to travel with a cat.

If you fail to prepare correctly, your journey can quickly descend into one full of stress and anxiety – both for you and your kitty. You need to consider a lot, but if you are organized, your trip with your cat can go smoothly.

How To Travel With a Cat in a Cat Carrier

More importantly, a cat carrier should be large enough for your cat to fit inside comfortably. Make sure you buy one suited to your cat’s breed and individual size.

If you’re on a long journey, you’ll also want one with space for a travel litterbox. After all, a cat can’t ask you to pull over during a drive, nor can they use the bathroom on a flight!

One of the biggest mistakes some cat owners can make with a cat carrier is waiting until the day of travel before introducing their cat to the carrier. Owners may sometimes assume that it’s best to minimize their time inside because a cat is unlikely to like the carrier.

That’s the worst thing you can do because if the carrier stresses out your cat, you’re putting them through that anxiety on the same day you’re making them travel with you.

Instead, if it’s a new carrier, ensure your cat has time to adjust to it. Leave it open in your home, and place some of your cat’s favorite items inside, so they’re inclined to explore and get used to it.

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