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6 Worst Travel Incidents In First-World Countries


To some, developed countries would only seem to pose problems like getting lost and language barriers. But according to people who shared in an online forum, there are some horrific travel incidents that have occurred within the seemingly safe borders of these first-world nations.

You’ll surely be surprised as we explore some interesting stories, leaving you questioning their labels as top countries.

Imagine arriving at an airport that’s ranked as one of the best—all ready to start your long-awaited vacation—only to find yourself stuck there for a mind-numbing 24 hours.

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Paris, France

A family recounted their experience of being mugged in the middle of the day in a crowded area of Paris. Despite being aware of the pickpocketing problem in the city, they were still caught off guard by the incident.

Rome, Italy

An American traveler shared their experience of having a pleasant visit to Rome, despite encountering locals attempting to scam and harass them. They pointed out that it was during peak tourism season.

One traveler explained that their hotel in Paris had a carbon monoxide leak. They had to get rushed to the hospital, and the hotel didn’t even want to pay for the fees until they threatened to sue them.

Paris, France

Tokyo, Japan

A group of visitors shared their experience of being stopped by the Tokyo police while walking down the sidewalk with their friends. The police were friendly and asked for their passport, which they didn’t have as they were military personnel.


A traveler shared another cringe-worthy experience in France, including being falsely accused of cutting in line at a McDonald’s and being mistreated by a rude waiter at a cafe who said the traveler’s food choice was too sophisticated for them.