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Indulging in the Art of Slow Travel: 6 Serene European Train Rides

If given one transport method to enjoy the rest of my life, I would favor the train over anything. For me, trains deliver a haven of relaxation that no other vehicle allows.

Here are six slow-moving train rides you can enjoy throughout Europe.

Not only is this route famous for its presence in murder mysteries, but it provides the tourist with a luxury experience as it winds through some of Europe’s most breathtaking passes — the French Riviera, the Swiss Alps, and the timeless Italian countryside.

1. The Orient Express: England to Italy

Norway doesn’t do gentle countryside; instead, the country spoils its visitors with endless, mindblowing scenery. This dramatic seven-hour voyage starts in Oslo, Norway’s southern capital, and ends in Bergen in the west coast fjordlands.

2. The Bergen Railway, Norway

Austria doesn’t get nearly the same level of publicity as other Alps locations, as it sits in its more famous French, Swiss, and Italian regions’ shadows. However, those who wish to experience this stunning mountain nation will find no better way than on the Salzkammergut Railway.

3. The Salzkammergut Railway, Austria

Harry Potter fans will love this rail journey due to its connection to the legendary movie series. The Glenfinnan viaduct, a familiar landmark in all the movies, is worth the journey alone.

4. The West Highlands Line, Scotland

If vineyards, terraced agricultural terrain, or white and blue ceramic-tiled whitewashed hilltowns appeal to you, the Porto to Pocinho line takes passengers along the Douro Valley, famous for its excellent wine products.

5. The Douro Valley Line, Portugal

The Glacier Express has panoramic windows on the sides and roof of each luxurious cabin, perfect for enjoying the 291 bridges, 91 tunnels, and eight hours of spectacular Swiss postcard vistas.

6. The Glacier Express, Switzerland

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