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Inside the World's Most Glamorous Holiday Destinations

Whether they seek privacy or a chance to be seen, celebrities often choose beautiful and exclusive destinations. Here are fifteen celebrity hotspots to consider for your next getaway.

Inside the World's Most Glamorous Holiday Destinations

Celebrities such as Tiger Woods, George Clooney, and Rande Gerber love to spend their holidays in Cabo San Lucas.

1. Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

This island, located in the Cyclades, is picturesque. It is a favorite among celebrities looking for a chic vacation spot.

2. Mykonos, Greece

Many famous actors, singers, and politicians like George Clooney, Madonna, Richard Branson, and Sylvester Stallone have vacation homes on the lake.

3. Lake Como, Italy

This desert metropolis is a popular vacation spot for celebrities looking for a mix of luxury and adventure.

4. Dubai, UAE

Many celebrities enjoy staying in the city’s luxurious hotels and are often spotted exploring the city’s famous landmarks, such as Buckingham Palace and Big Ben.

5. London, England

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