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Instant Gratification? Combat Impulse Buying With These Tips

Are you an impulse buyer?

Chances are that you are or that you have indulged in impulse buying in the past.

$1,000 is a lot to spend on something you weren’t even planning on buying, let alone budgeting for! What is impulse buying, and how do you combat it? Read on to find out.

What Is Impulse Buying?

Impulse buying is an unplanned decision to buy something made just before making the purchase. In other words, you’re browsing a store or retailer online when you see something you were not specifically looking to buy, but you purchase it anyway.

Over the course of one year, you will have spent $600 on things you weren’t even looking to buy. Furthermore, this survey doesn’t even consider impulse food and drink purchases, or entertainment, only items bought in a retail store or online!

Never. In fact, the only “browsing” you should ever do is when you’ve already decided to buy something but just aren’t quite sure of the exact item.

Never Go Into a Store (Or Online) Just To Browse

Making a list of needed items serves two purposes: it makes sure you don’t forget the things you DO NEED and reminds you that you DO NOT NEED anything else.

When You Do Go Into a Store (Or Online), Make a List and Stick To It

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