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Is 17 Too Young to Travel Across U.K. After Dad Takes Phone?

Suppose your 17-year-old daughter wanted to travel across the country to check out a potential university. Would you support her or confiscate her cell phone?

Recently, a 40-year-old dad, who we’ll call Chuck, shared that his daughter, Megan, is exploring five options for universities to attend. Chuck explained that Megan is brilliant and “is target A*AA at her A-Levels for context.”

One of her choices is in the South of the U.K. She wanted to visit to see the university and city. Chuck believes it is pointless. He doesn’t think she needs a safety school, as the university grades for her course would be “BBC and well below the level she’s working at right now.”

Chuck wants to avoid Megan placing that as an option because he feels it’s not a good university for her with such low entrance requirements. However, she was adamant about seeing it, so she booked her train tickets and hotel room.

Check suggested, “Megan is not in our good books at the moment,” referring to him and his wife. They argued with Megan for making plans with friends without their permission and going ahead despite telling her that she could not.

The Aftermath

As a result, Chuck took her sim and phone, which are still in our possession. Megan attempted to tell them that she needed her phone to travel with for safety.

So they suggested she ask her friends for a sim and a phone since they are such “great friends.” So Megan went down South and got back home safely. Her friends bought her a phone and sim to travel so they could stay in contact.

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