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6 of the World’s Strangest Islands Beyond Your Imagination


Islands are often thought of as paradise with sandy beaches, blue waters, and a laid-back lifestyle. But beyond the beauty of these places, some islands have some strange secrets and incredible mysteries that seem too weird to be real.

Here are some of the most extraordinary islands around the world that are just out of this world.

Deception Island is the perfect spot for a secret island getaway right off the tip of the Antarctic Peninsula. But it’s not just any island; it’s a volcanic wonderland. 

Deception Island

On Tashirojima Island, felines reign supreme. This location is a curious corner of Japan where over 100 humans share their space with an alluring population of cats — six times their number, to be precise. Long ago, the inhabitants bred cats to keep silk-worm pests at bay and outlasted the ages.

Tashirojima Island

Imagine stumbling upon an island that seems ripped from the pages of science fiction. Socotra, aka Saqatri, lies serenely in the Indian Ocean. Its isolation has birthed an ecosystem so alien and enchanting that it’s like peeking into another realm.

Socotra (Saqatri)

Tanna is a tiny slice of the Republic of Vanuatu, a remote Pacific island adorned with stories of spirits and mountains. At some point, it witnessed the arrival of a most unexpected deity — Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh.


Hans Island is a minuscule, chilly haven between Greenland and Canada’s Ellesmere Island. The frontier is so friendly it witnessed a genteel squabble between Canada and Denmark. Flags and bottles of spirits were raised in dispute each time one of the neighboring countries visited the site.

Hans Island

Sandy Island is the most mysterious of them all. This island was a phantom isle that appeared on various maps, from Google to the Times Atlas, until it was “undiscovered” not too long ago.

Sandy Island

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