Kalamazoo, Michigan:  10 Things to Do

Kalamazoo is a vibrant town complemented by exciting farmer’s markets, visual and performing arts centers, and community events such as chili cook-offs and vintage fairs.

Kalamazoo is one of the best places to visit in the US and the city has a pleasant vibe as unique as its name. You will find many fun things to do in Kalamazoo.

Visit Bell’s Brewery

Bell’s Brewery is an independent, famous family-owned brewery in Kalamazoo.

Attend Kalamazoo Beer Week

Kalamazoo craft beer is famous all over the US. The Kalamazoo Beer Week festival celebrates this fantastic heritage.

Kalamazoo State Theatre

Since 1927, the Kalamazoo State Theater has been a vital organization of Kalamazoo downtown.

Shop at Kalamazoo Mall

It’s the first outdoor pedestrian mall in the country and thus an important spot in modern history.

Stay at the Henderson Castle

Henderson Castle is a 125-year-old timeless structure of fine architecture and historical significance.

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