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Make Money on the Side With Car Sharing

Do you have a car that you maybe only use part-time? Do you travel for work or even work from home? If your vehicle spends its days sitting in your garage, then you may want to look into car-sharing. With peer-to-peer car sharing platforms, you can make money by renting your vehicle to others.

Meet Justin, who makes money on the side by successfully renting out his vehicles. He uses the car-sharing website, Turo, to list his cars and find customers who are interested in renting them short term.

He works from his apartment and travels quite a bit. Because of that, he has decided he can’t have assets sitting idle! And that’s where car-share hosting comes in.

Tell Us More About This Car-sharing Side Jam

I’ve found success renting vehicles to guests on Turo, the world’s largest peer-to-peer car-sharing platform. I currently have 1.5 vehicles on the platform. One vehicle is listed full-time. The other is mainly on the weekends when I don’t need it for work.

I love cars and also enjoy working with people.

What Made You Decide To Delve Into the Car-sharing Business?

I’d say I dedicate roughly 10 hours a month. Listing the vehicle isn’t that involved. But most of what I have to do is clean the cars — vacuuming, exterior wash, interior cleaning, etc.

On Average, How Much Time Do You Think You Spend per Month Being a Car Share Host

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