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Man Demands Fiancée Pay Utilities. Who's Wrong?

In November 2022, Sasha said she didn’t like the cold weather and wanted to spend some time with her parents in the South, where he visited her twice. However, because she wasn’t living there in December and January, she doesn’t believe she owes him 50% of the utilities.

Bryce admits that he would have just rolled over and paid it all himself in the past. However, he has a meager income, only $24k last year, since he is working on his family business and earning sweat equity.

His fiancée makes over $95k with benefits at a corporate job working remotely. He shared, “She bought a new car, took her mom to Cancun, and has significant savings. I have never asked for or expected $1 over 50% of shared expenses.”

Bryce describes it’s been a severe struggle but believes in their vision and path to success. Additionally, he’s planning on renting the home as an Airbnb or even a bedroom out. He explained that he spent last year fixing the house up but can’t rent it while his fiancée’s stuff is there.

Bryce wonders if he is wrong for expecting her to pay the utilities for the two months she wasn’t home or if the internet sees his logic and reasoning. Here is how they responded.

Somebody stated, “She’s your fiancée – the pair of you should be financially working together, doing what’s best for both of you.

It Doesn’t Sound Like a Good Partnership

A second agreed, “You moved in with a plan that she’s not honoring. I think you need to break up and rent the room at market rates and get a girlfriend who doesn’t call you pathetic and has some toxic sense of masculinity.”

Toxic Sense of Masculinity

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