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My Fundrise Returns Exploded in 2021

In a nutshell, Fundrise is a crowd-funded real estate platform that is open to any investor. They typically invest in private real estate or commercial real estate not typically open to individual investors or nonaccredited investors. For my Fundrise returns in 2021, keep reading below.

My Fundrise Investment Plan

Fundrise returns can be different depending on which Fundrise investment plan you select. Personally, I’m looking for the biggest gains possible, so I’m invested in the long-term growth investment plan and use the auto-investing option for $350 per month.

Here is what my current Fundrise investment portfolio look like:

My Fundirise Returns

My Fundirise Returns

I guess you could say 2021 was a much better year for my Fundrise returns when compared to 2020. In most cases, there was an improvement in returns for each fund vs. 2020. In many cases, you can see Fundrise returns soar up to almost 400% vs. 2020 Fundrise returns.

Overall, I reached a 19.4% rate of return, not too shabby if you ask me! However, this isn’t the entire story…

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