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People Think Their States Can’t Survive These

Natural Disasters

From earthquakes to hurricanes, natural disasters can bring destruction and chaos almost anywhere in the world. But there are some states people think would be particularly hard hit by certain types of disasters.

Here’s a look at natural disasters people think their states can‘t handle.

“A tsunami would be pretty destructive here in Nebraska,” one suggested. Another joked, “Run for the high ground! The what!?”

Tsunami in Nebraska

One user noted that Maine would not withstand a significant earthquake. Nothing is built to withstand the ground shaking, and they believed it would level the state.

Earthquake in Maine

One noted, “I’d be less concerned with older brick buildings than newer ones. Old buildings were made using lime mortar, which absorbs movement."

Earthquake in Maryland

Many agreed that California couldn’t handle a hurricane. One elaborated, “It would be horrendous. With how drought-stricken it has been, it would be either horrible floods or MASSIVE landslides.

Hurricane in California

Someone semi-jokingly stated, “Alaska: earthquakes, volcanoes, snow … we laugh in your faces. Now a 75-degree heat wave, on the other hand, and we’re in trouble.”

Heatwave in Alaska

Another answered, “Where I live in Vermont. If there were ever a severe, prolonged drought, we’d be a tinderbox (a metal box for holding tinder, a flint, and steel for striking a spark) waiting for a spark to set everything ablaze.”

Drought in Vermont

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