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Not All Side Hustles Are Created Equal

As someone who is always looking to make an extra couple of bucks myself, I can tell you, most of what you find online either simply doesn’t work, could take months or years before you see any real income, or could even be illegal. I’m here to cut through the BS and get you to the best options available.

Side Hustles Not Worth Your Time

The problem is, I’ve been on a few of these apps, and most are full of spam or people trying to rip you off. I’ve posted items worth over $100, and the best offer I got was $20, plus I had to deliver it, no thanks.

Anything To Do With Social Media

Spoiler alert – you won’t make money. I’ve tried several of the popular apps, and it’s practically impossible to make a sale. Chances are the apps will end up just wasting space on your phone.

Photo Selling Apps

I’ve seen countless sites say, “easy passive income, just write a book or create an online course”. The reality is, unless you have some type of marketable expertise, most of us won’t be able to pull this off.

Creating Content

Sides Hustles Worth a Try

It is possible to make significant money. However, it may require working for 8-12 hours a day.


I’ve signed up for a few sites that let you put advertisements on your car for cash but never had any takers. At one point, I was driving over 40 miles to work each way and was on a major highway the whole time, and still no offers.

Advertise on Your Car

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