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One and Done: 6 Must-See Travel Destinations To Visit Once and Never Again

The best part about traveling the world is discovering new places and taking in all that each destination has to offer. But sometimes, it’s just as satisfying to visit a place once and never have to return again.

Here are 6 popular travel destinations named by several travelers in a recent online forum that may not be worth a repeat visit.

I distinctly remember the feeling of insignificance I felt the first time I visited, and I’m not alone: many travelers reveal that they feel literally “small” when visiting, which is a feeling that no traveler wants to feel.

New York City, New York

“It was five minutes of picturesqueness tranquility spoilt by aggressive restaurant/shop touts, overpriced, mediocre food, and tourist traps as far as the eye can see,” he states. “It’s absolutely 100% not worth the effort.” 

Santorini, Greece

While homelessness is a problem in many places worldwide, it seems especially prevalent in San Francisco over the last few years.

San Francisco, California

Outside of a few jaw-dropping architectural wonders, many travelers lament there isn’t much to do – or see – when visiting Brussels. “Outside of the breathtaking awe of some of the palaces, I couldn’t really find a lot to do there of interest, to me at least,” one man declares.

Brussels, Belgium

“It was nice to see Catalonia, but it felt very much like an international city like New York,” mentions one visitor. “Madrid felt more Spanish to me and quite frankly nicer,” the same user adds.

Barcelona, Spain

For many people, once is enough when it comes to the bright lights of Las Vegas. But unfortunately, while many travelers view visiting Las Vegas as a rite of passage, the amount of “excess” found in the city is more than some can handle.

Las Vegas, Nevada

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