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Smart Spending and Saving Tips for Everyone

When most of us think about getting the most out of our money, we think of “saving money,” but that’s not always the case. A better way to think about it is to think about the value of your purchase.

 Smart Spending and Saving Tips for Everyone Story

The number one rule of financial literacy, almost no matter who you ask, is getting out of debt and staying out. Interest is a killer when it comes to finances.

No Debt

Life is good at throwing us curveballs. Even the best-laid plans can go awry. Everyone should have an emergency fund that covers 4-6 of the expenses.

Emergency Fund

Many people confuse needs and want. Not the literal definition of them, but when it comes to assessing their lives, they label many of their wants as needs.

Needs vs. Wants

Creating specific long-term goals and short term goals will help you achieve better results. 

Set Specific Long Term and Short Term Financial Goals

Putting limits on different spending categories will help you cut your spending when necessary by making you think twice about each purchase.

Create a Budget and Track Your Spending

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