7 Ways to Help Someone with Social Anxiety

If you know someone who has social anxiety, the more you understand it, the easier it will be to assist your friend or loved one who is suffering from it.

Partly by understanding — and partly by reacting in a way that will help them get through the situation.

So here are 7 ways you can help someone who has social anxiety.

We know it’s all in our head, but the brain is so powerful, so convincing that the symptoms manifest in an excruciatingly real way.

1. Do not tell them it’s all in their head.

Instead: Realize the whole “practice makes perfect” theory typically only works in situations where there is the desire to succeed.

2. Don’t tell them it’ll get easier the more they do it

Instead: Let them know you’re aware they’re having trouble, and will help them get through it.

3. Don’t sit by and ignore them if you notice they’re visibly uncomfortable.

Instead: Think of ways to involve them in social situations that don’t trigger their anxiety. Ask them what would they like to do? Where are they okay going?

4. Don’t avoid hanging out with them or inviting them out.

5. Don’t tell them they need to see a shrink. Or take some meds. Or join a support group. Instead: Ask them what they’ve tried to alleviate symptoms, and what’s been working for them.

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