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Stepmom Won't Pay Stepdaughter's Travel Expenses. Evil?

When it comes to family dynamics, things can get complicated, especially when step-relatives are involved. And this can be especially true when it comes to financial responsibilities and obligations.

A stepmom, who we’ll call Tammy, confessed she knew “this was going to sound evil” before sharing her story. She has refused to pay for her stepdaughter’s travel expenses to come home.

Tammy and her husband, who we’ll call Mike, have five children. Two from Tammy’s first marriage, two children they have, and a daughter from Mike’s previous relationship.

Her stepdaughter lives far away and visits only three times a year during the summer, winter break, and spring break. To bring her out to visit, Mike must fly out to her, pick her up, and fly back with her, repeating the process when it is time for her to return home.

They previously tried using an unaccompanied minor program. However, it didn’t work out, and every visit requires at least $1,500 in in-flight expenses, usually closer to $2,500.

Financial Commitments

The couple has separate accounts for themselves and a joint one for household expenses, which they have used to pay for her stepdaughter’s flights. However, with the cost of her eldest child attending college and the increasing cost of living, Tammy stated, “Paying an additional $3000 minimum every year is killing me!”

Tammy feels that her flight expenses should come from Mike’s account, as child support would not be joint. Mike, however, views it as Tammy not wanting to pay for her stepdaughter’s flights because she “hates her” and doesn’t view her as part of the family.

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