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The 10 Big Money Down the Drain Travel Stories

Sometimes even the most experienced travelers find themselves throwing money down the drain. During a recent online forum discourse, men and women worldwide discussed this topic.

The 10 Big Money Down the Drain Travel Stories

One traveler speaks openly about falling victim to an apartment scam while traveling overseas.

1. The Apartment Scam

Caught up in her excitement, the woman quickly booked her round-trip ticket and started counting the days until her trip to Europe.

2. The Impulse Purchase

One traveler has a story that makes us ache for his wallet. “I booked a car in Costa Rica and didn’t realize the third-party insurance I bought wouldn’t work there.” 

3. The Rental Car Debacle

One traveler recently returned from Tokyo and revealed that a mental miscalculation cost him significant money at the airport’s food court!

4. The Foreign Exchange Rate Disaster

“I booked a hotel because I was already tired, and I didn’t want to sit in the airport all night,” one man recalls.

5. The Pointless Hotel Room

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