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The 10 Countries With the Best Food on the Planet

From savory treats to delicious sweets and exotic cuisines, these countries have earned their place on our list, celebrating culinary excellence.

The 10 Countries With the Best Food on the Planet

Foods from Italy are globally renowned for their symphony of flavors, and the country boasts a timeless gastronomic legacy that is respected globally.

1. Italy

From the visually stimulating sushi and sashimi to the artistic deftness that cooking Kaiseki requires, Japan ensures that every bite you take is a masterpiece.

2. Japan

If you’re a spice lover, chili peppers promise to add a fiery sense you’ll hardly find elsewhere.

3. Mexico

The country’s foods are rich in a harmonious blend of aromatic curries, tandoori, and chana masala, so you experience an entirely new scrumptious adventure.

4. India

France is the epitome of haute cuisine and luxurious flavors. From buttery croissants to luxurious escargot and foie gras, French dishes are a treat for both your mouth and your palette.

5. France

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