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The 25 Best Travel Blogs to Read for Easier Vacation Planning

This list of the best travel blogs has honest reviews, must-see sites, and tons of ideas for your next vacation. So get clicking and  enjoy the world!

His family’s travels are detailed on his blog, Travel Babbo. With over 800,000 miles of travel with kids under his belt, Eric learned what works and what does not.

1.  Travel Babbo

They love road trips, indy bookshops, glorious nature, thoughtful Airbnbs, farmers markets, street art, and discovering the creative side of a city. So if this sounds like your idea of exploring a place, check their site out.

2. Bridges & Balloons

Travel Plus Them is on a mission to create inclusive global citizens through both worldwide travel and at-home learning. They believe that traveling and learning about the world teaches children curiosity, respect, and empathy.

3. Travel Plus Them

“I started after our second son was born because I wanted to share our story and provide visibility of families like ours."

4. 2 Travel Dads

Documenting his 3-year, 200,000-mile journey to all of America’s 400+ National Park Service sites, offers National Parks travel advice, LGBTQ+ vacation inspiration, adventure travel ideas, and adventure gear and apparel suggestions.

5. Mikah Meyer

She encourages people to explore worldwide destinations by giving them valuable tips and inspiration. And she does it all with humor and realness not seen on most blogs.

6. Just One Way Ticket

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