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The Answer To the Burning Question: How To Fold Pants For Travel

Every time you pack, you can give your jeans some extra attention. These are the pants packing hacks you’ve been looking for!

How To Fold Pants For Travel

Not only will you learn how to pack jeans to save space, but you’ll also discover how to pack any pair of pants.

How To Pack Your Jeans In Your Suitcase In An Organized Manner

Find a flat, clean place to lay your jeans down on. Folding can be done on the floor, table, bed, or any other sturdy surface.

First, Fold The Pants For Packing

Lay the jeans flat on the floor or bed in Step 1. They should be folded in half lengthwise.

How to Fold Trousers for Travel

Start by finding a level area to lay your jeans on so that they may be washed. Make sure to use your hands to smooth out the pockets and creases.

How to Pack Pants in Packing Cubes

Do not worry if the simple folding, rolling, or a mix of both is still not to your preference; we’ve got plenty of jeans-packing tactics in our arsenal.

Packing Jeans in Your Suitcase in Other Ways

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