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The Most Vital Financial Lessons Never Taught

Here are some of the most important money lessons that children must learn at an early age:

Money Lessons Children Must Learn at an Early Age

Encourage your child to start saving for a specific goal, such as saving up for a new toy or a trip to Disney World.

How to Save Money

Teach your child to think about what they need versus what they want and to compare the cost of different items before making a purchase.

How to Spend Money Wisely

Help your child come up with ideas for ways to make some extra cash, such as starting a lawn care business or selling lemonade on the street corner.

How to Generate Income

Show your child the worth of a dollar by breaking down everyday expenses into fractions and percentages.

The Value of a Single Dollar

Show your child how their money can grow over time if you keep it in an interest bearing account instead of spending it right away or keeping it under a mattress somewhere.

Earning Interest on Money

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