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The Ultimate Holiday Travel Gifts Guide: 50+ Travel Gifts

As a frequent jet setter, I know what travelers want to receive as travel gifts. If you need some inspiration and ideas for your travel-savvy friends, this post has the perfect travel gift ideas. From fun presents to sweet intentions – we have it all!

No matter what type of traveler you are buying for, our giant list offers up anything from practical items like the best backpacks and snacks to personalized experiences and travel gifts galore.

You won’t have to worry about any of these travel gifts collecting dust. We travel constantly and know exactly what types of travel gifts will help make the journey easier for any traveler this holiday season.

The Ultimate Holiday Travel Gifts Guide

This ultra-thin portable charger is powerful and easily slips into your wallet. It comes with a variety of charging cables for both Apple and Android devices.

ChargeCard by AquaVault

This nifty gadget attaches to the back of any smartphone and extends up to a full 7-inch height, so your phone is at the perfect ergonomic viewing angle in both portrait and landscape modes.

Lookstand Adjustable Phone Stand

This adapter from OneWorld 65 is a travel staple. It can power and fast-charge up to six devices at the same time utilizing the right amount of voltage, but most importantly, it is reliable.

OneWorld 65 Adapter

These earplugs are easy to put in, are gentle to sleep with, and have less pressure than traditional earplugs. They block out sound for sleep and travel and are easy to pack in a carry on or laptop bag.


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