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The Ultimate Tofino Packing List

You have booked your vacation to Tofino, and now you need to consider what to pack. Our Tofino packing list will help make your vacation go so much smoother! The number one thing to remember when packing for a family vacation in Tofino is to pack layers.

The mornings and evenings can get cool even in the middle of July so when you begin your packing, remember this one essential packing tip!

Tofino Packing List – Top Five Tips

1. Extra swimsuits. While the weather can be beautiful in Tofino, it is still cool in the mornings and evenings so things don’t dry as quickly as you might be used to. Bring two swimsuits and alternate days so one has time to dry before being used again.

2. Extra clothes for your kids. There is so much to do outdoors and your kids will likely be outside all day long. Clothes tend to get a bit muddy or covered in the sand throughout the day from playing on the beach, so it is nice to have an extra set to throw on before dinner.

3. Layers. Pack long sleeves, short sleeves, hoodies, sweaters, shorts, pants, and socks. The weather changes throughout the day, and layers will help you be prepared to adapt to it.

4. Hats, tuques, lightly lined jacket, and warm footwear. If you like to spend your evenings outside, these items will come in handy so you can enjoy the sunset or spend a few hours by the campfire.

5. Good pair of hiking or walking shoes. The options for nice long walks or hikes are endless in Tofino. Pack a great pair of shoes that you don’t mind getting a little dirty.

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