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Things Men Will Never Buy Even With All the Money in the World

What is something you would never never never buy even if you had all the money in this world? I’ll go first—expensive high heel shoes. Why would anyone pay that much to destroy their feet? I don’t get it. Anyways, after someone asked the men of Reddit what they would never purchase, here are the top-voted responses.

Top 12 Things Men Will Never Buy Even With All the Money in the World

Someone explained that this MLM had infiltrated towns with smoothie shops that look legitimate businesses but were fronts for MLM pushers.

Herbal Life Supplements

Several men insisted that no matter how much moolah they had in their pockets, they would never purchase an extended warranty. One clarified that this is especially true if you are rich.

Extended Warranty

They are terrified by the reality that it’s happening. One elaborated that it happens much more than we think about or acknowledge, and it’s terrible and wrong. One argued they would, but only to free them.

A Person

They wouldn’t pay for Reddit coins or gift gold to other Redditors. Ironically, the person who made this comment was gifted tons of gold


Designer handbags worth thousands of dollars are something several men confessed they would never purchase. While many believed they were pointless, others suggested that a suitable bag or luggage holds resale value.

Designer Handbags

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