The Best  Things  to Do in  PHILADELPHIA

The city’s biggest claim to fame is obviously its history. Philadelphia is the site of the first constitutional congress, the place where revolutionaries met to write and sign the Constitution of the United States.

Philadelphia is most famous for its cheesesteaks (I mean come on, the food is named after the city! Who can resist a Philly cheesesteak sandwich when they are in Philadelphia?

What is Philadelphia  Famous For?

How many days should you spend in Philadelphia? I recommend spending at least three full days in Philadelphia. It’s perfect for a long weekend.

Here Are Our Picks for the Best Things to Do in Philadelphia: 1) Museum of Art The museum stairs are iconic in and of themselves! Have your own Rocky Balboa moment by climbing the museum stairs.

2) Rittenhouse Square Located in the city center, near the most expensive neighborhood in the city, this square is a gorgeous enclave of sculptures and manicured lawns.

3) Love Park Love Park is one of the most Instagram-able locations in Philadelphia. Officially called John F. Kennedy Plaza, the park is now renowned mostly for its sculpture of the word “LOVE” by Robert Indiana.

4) Eastern State Penitentiary Built in the 1800s and operational through the middle of the 1900s, this prison has seen a lot. Al Capone had a cell there!