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Top 4 Worst Vacation Ideas for Families in America

When it comes to family vacations, some spots are better than others. However, while everybody has an opinion of their favorite vacation destinations, only some know where families should avoid going!

Recently, vacationers met in an online forum to discuss this very topic.

Unless you and your family are all simultaneously celebrating a bachelorette party, I advise staying far away from downtown Nashville.

1. Downtown Nashville

It lives up to its reputation as a party city, and it’s almost certainly no place for families – unless you plan to throw that whole parenting thing out the window.

You can enjoy some of the best views of New York City from the observation deck of the Empire State Building.

2. The Empire State Building

However, due to the long wait times, thanks to an endless stream of tourists, it’s the last place we’d like to be for an afternoon with our families.

The iconic Rock and Roll Hall of Fame is a worthy stop on any trip. Unfortunately, it’s located in Cleveland, Ohio, which has a reputation for being dangerous in recent years.

3. The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

Known for the town’s willingness to dive head-first into alien culture, Roswell is a place your family should avoid.

4. Roswell

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