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Top 6 Most Visited Tourist Attractions in the World

When the world calls you to explore its wonders, and you feel the nudge  to tour its borders, these captivating destinations are the thing of awe  waiting to hand you cherished memories of a lifetime.

Most Visited Tourist Attractions in the World

A magical escape for people of all ages, Disneyland welcomes over 18  million visitors annually. Lovers of Disney characters are lost in the  lure of this enchanting theme park, and the number of tourists is  projected to soar in the near future.

1. Disneyland, USA

Tourists have contrasting reviews about Egypt, one of the cradles of  civilization, some of them quite unsavory. Yet, the negatives do not  take from the appeal of these ancient edifices holding the secrets of a  bygone era we can only imagine.

2. Pyramid of Giza, Egypt

Spanning over 13,000 miles, where else can we look for a testament to  human ingenuity and determination? The Great Wall, originally built to  protect against invaders, has become a port-of-call to over 10 million  visitors yearly.

3. Great Wall of China, China

An architectural phenomenon set against the stunning backdrop of Sydney Harbour, ten million tourists visit this UNESCO World Heritage site yearly. Its unique design and vibrant art make it a must-see destination.

4. Sydney Opera House, Australia

An engineering marvel and iconic symbol of San Francisco, the Golden  Gate attracts over ten million tourists annually. Walking or cycling  across the bridge, you can enjoy the mesmerizing vistas of the city and  the Pacific Ocean.

5. Golden Gate Bridge, USA

An enduring symbol of love and romance, few landmarks inspire the urge  to travel the Eiffel Tower. Casting its spell on over seven million  visitors annually, of which 75% are foreigners, the breathtaking view of  this iron structure makes it a coveted destination for travelers  worldwide.

6. Eiffel Tower, France

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