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Top 6 Worst Vacation Ideas for Families in America

When it comes to family vacations, some spots are better than others. However, while everybody has an opinion of their favorite vacation destinations, only some know where families should avoid going!

Recently, vacationers met in an online forum to discuss this very topic.

The image you have in your head of Hollywood needs to be corrected. Replace the glitz and glamour you imagine with run-down streets, graffiti, and panhandlers on every corner.


Although gambling may seem fun to you, ask yourself this: is the frequent nudity found on the strip and prevalent substance abuse something that your family will enjoy? Do yourself a favor and take advantage of Vegas solely when you’re single.

Las Vegas

It’s the biggest mall in the world. It’s large enough that you’ll likely spend your entire day inside of it. By the end of your visit, based on how much money you spent, you’ll wish never to step foot in a mall again. Trust me. It’s just a mall.

The Mall of America

Although many attractions and rides are immersive and undoubtedly fun, a trip to Universal Studios can cost an arm and a leg. While the kids may have a great time filled with lasting memories, the dent parents take in their wallets is something that mom and dad won’t forget anytime soon, either.

Universal Studios

Setting aside the historical inaccuracies of the story of Plymouth Rock, this tourist trap located in Massachusetts is literally just a tiny rock sitting in the dirt. So save your family’s time and money and go anywhere other than Plymouth Rock – even Cleveland would be a better choice for a family vacation!

Plymouth Rock

Much like the Mall of America, Times Square is a collection of national chain restaurants and stores that can also be found in every town in the United States. It’s New York City‘s most prominent tourist trap, so spare your family and ensure you don’t associate yourselves with the 50 million people visiting Times Square annually.

Times Square

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