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Tourist Traps No More: 6 Famous Travel Destinations That Exceeded All Expectations

I hate traveling, but I love to travel. I know it sounds contradictory, but the truth is that I like to go to not-so-touristy places and explore new cultures, foods, and landscapes. The idea of going to the most popular destinations like the Pyramids and the Great Wall and dealing with hordes of tourists never appealed to me.

Here are the top six travel destinations that people in online discussions have praised for being much better than they anticipated.

Some questionable domestic policies aside, Saudia Arabia is currently a well-functioning, high-growth country. Saudi is also biodiverse — it will host the 2029 Asian Winter Games in its mountains — somehow.

Saudi Arabia

Like countries such as Hungary or Bulgaria, Norway is less popular with mainstream tourists, but those who make it are dazzled by its epic beauty and unique customs. I went there in 1987 as a young kid.


“I hope there aren’t any English reading this, but…” begins one dissatisfied customer, who goes on to trash Stonehenge, the 5000-year-old British wonder. “Thankfully, nearby Bath was pretty cool.”


A Hanoi visitor says she lost her apprehension when she discovered Hanoi “was a city that felt really safe. While the hustle and bustle on compact streets couldn’t be avoided, I felt really comfy roaming around.”


Crete is a sizeable Greek island in the middle of the eastern Mediterranean Sea. The birthplace of Zeus is a hidden gem with world-class beaches and hospitality. “The city’s spirit made me fall in love with it, says our final commenter.


“I might go back at some point. I’ve had the most beautiful sunsets of my life there,” one traveler answered when asked if he still recommends going there.


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