12 Travel Books and Travel Movies That Inspired Our Trips

Many of us live vicariously through travel books and travel movies. We love hearing about other people’s adventures, and we often use them as inspiration for our own travels. When we think about the best travel books, we dream of the travel adventures that await us.

The transformative journey a reader takes through these pages often lives on in their memory. There is something about being transported somewhere new and seeing things with fresh eyes while learning lessons along every step of your journey.

Guernsey, UK

The movie was filmed in North Devon, and Bristol, UK, not Guernsey, but the book was so descriptive that I knew I wanted to see the actual island of Guernsey.

Champagne, France

The novel is set in the Champagne vineyards of Northern France and depicts the story of Champagne house owners that had vital roles in the Résistance.

Savannah, Georgia

5 out of 5

I can see why it is called the most haunted city in America. The book and movie are both very descriptive about Savannah’s history and its hauntingly beautiful homes that still stand today.

Dunkirk, France

The movie Dunkirk is based upon the novel The Miracle of Dunkirk by Walter Lord. The Battle of Dunkirk was a significant World War II battle that took place in May and June 1940.

Los Angeles & Cotswolds

Los Angeles and the beautiful Cotswolds are the towns in which The Holiday was set. The Cotswolds part of the movie plot was filmed in the county of Surrey in the UK.

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