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6 Cheap and Easy Travel Hacks That Won’t Add Weight to Your Luggage

Travel Hacks

Gone are the days when traveling light meant compromising on your necessities. With these innovative luggage hacks, you can reduce weight without sacrificing essentials.

These 6 ingenious travel hacks, suggested by online forum users, are light on your luggage and even lighter on your wallet.

One user found a clever way to bypass the liquids rule at airport security. By soaking square sponges in liquid soap (like Bronners or dish soap) and letting them dry out completely, they create instant single-use washing aids.

Dried Soap Sponges

DIY Travel Clothesline

A traveler’s favorite for years, the braided elastic jump rope offers a brilliant solution to the often bulky traditional clotheslines and pins. By being braided and folded, it transforms into a compact, portable clothesline that’s not just lightweight but also multifunctional.

Hotel Business Card

Always grabbing a business card from your hotel ensures that you can find your way back in an emergency, even if you’re in a foreign country and don’t speak the language.

Tegaderm, Saniderm, and Second Skin are clear, breathable, waterproof medical wraps initially used for tattoo healing. However, one user notes that they’ve proven their worth on the road by protecting minor injuries from infections and dirt, especially for those in water sports.

Medical Wraps

Repurposed Refrigerator Container

One resourceful traveler always carries a lightweight refrigerator container with a lid. Throughout their travels, they save airplane snacks, extra napkins, and other small items that might go to waste.

Curbside Check-in Tip

One user pointed out that, with a small tip, these attendants often don’t scrutinize luggage dimensions or weight as stringently, potentially saving you from paying oversized fees.