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Travel Smart, Fly Cheap: The 5 Best Budget Airlines in the US

This story looks at five particularly noteworthy budget airlines in the United States and why they may be just what you need for your next flight.

The Five Best Budget Airlines in the United States

JetBlue has become a popular choice for budget travelers in the United States, with a cost per mile of $0.402.

JetBlue Airways

Based out of Dallas, TX, Southwest Airlines has had a long reign with frequent flyers. They have free checked bags, carry-on, snacks, and a generous seat pitch for a budget airline.

Southwest Airline

With various no-frills options like the “Bare Fare” that allows a single personal item on board, you get all you need without any added frills.

Spirit Airlines

Allegiant Airlines is considered a budget airline because it operates on a no-frills model, offering basic services at a low cost. 

Allegiant Air

Frontier frequently offers special deals and promotions, which can be accessed by signing up for the Frontier email newsletter or checking the airline’s website for current offers.

Frontier Airlines

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