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Think You Know Travel Well? Wait Until You Hear These

Unpopular Opinions

Opinions are a dime a dozen when it comes to travel. But just when you thought you’ve heard it all, you find out there are less explored, shattering common beliefs about travel. These may even clash with common thought and even elicit a giggle or two.

Even the most seasoned globetrotter may find these wildly unpopular opinions about travel from people in an Internet forum eye-opening and thought-provoking.

Another controversial travel belief is that the cities of Paris and Milan are great. Too many people look down on these great cities, and we are still determining why they do. Maybe it is their popularity? Paris is The City of Light with so much history and beautiful museums.

We’ll Always Have Paris

Sometimes people must realize that history isn’t the only thing to recommend a city or country. What needs to be remembered in the adoration of history is newer achievements.

History Isn’t Everything

After you arrive and if you are jet lagged, drop off your luggage in the room and take a bus to relax and see the city. Taking a sightseeing bus isn’t taxing and can give you some perspective on the city, showing you its beauty and places you might want to visit.

Jet Lag

Generally, the wisdom about combatting jet lag is to stay awake as long as possible and that falling asleep soon after arriving is not a good idea. The suggestion was to take a short nap of about two hours when you get off a long flight after no sleep.

Sleep It Off

Talk about controversial takes! Someone finally came out and said the hot and humid weather was not good. They stated that people believe that hot weather is superior because so many people who live in cold climates want some relief from the snow and idolize the heat because they don’t have to live in humid climates long term.

It’s Not a Dry Heat

While a climate like the one in Alaska gives people spectacular scenery, people who live there hate the cold after many years of dealing with it.

Au Contraire

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