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What Is the Retirement Age in the USA

What’s the right retirement age for you? It’s complicated.  Your retirement age is more of a personal decision, with several factors that we’ll dive into here.

What Is the Retirement Age in the USA

The amount of your Social Security benefit varies depending on the age that you elect to start receiving it.

Retirement Age in the USA by Social Security Benefits

For anyone born after 1960, you can start receiving your full Social Security benefit at the age of 67.

At What Age Will You Get 100% Of Your Social Security Benefits?

Yes. But your benefit will be reduced based on your income level.

Can You Collect Social Security at 62 and Still Work?

Some pensions may allow early access to retirement benefits as early as age 55, while others may require waiting until age 65.

Retirement Age in the USA by Company Pension Benefits

In that case, you’ll need to supplement your future Social Security income with other funds by investing.

What if I Don’t Have a Pension?

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