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Why I Drive A Daily Beater Car

Here is why I have a beater car for my daily driving and why you should consider the car you drive.

My daily beater car is a 2002 Toyota Camry that my parents bought years ago for my mom to drive. Back then, she had about 160,000 miles, and the only issue with her was that the side view mirrors didn’t work. Now?

Years and copious amounts of daily driving later, she now has 281,000 miles and a whole lot of wear and tear. I took over driving and upkeep duties about 8 years ago and have probably put around 80,000 miles on her in that time.

Somewhere along the way, the interior lights stopped working, the sunroof no longer opens, and the cigarette outlet no longer charges. She’s been keyed, scratched, dinged, hit by other cars (multiple times), and about half of the paint coating has peeled off (that’s a really sexy look, by the way).

Why I Drive A Daily Beater Car

With frugalism in mind, the answer to why I drive a daily beater car is simple: it still safely drives.

Cars are one of those things that indicate social status, or so we’ve been trained to think. Your car is one of the things people see, and so you tend to spend way more money and effort on making your car look cooler than you do other things.

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