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Why You Should Stop Buying Toys for Kids Now

Here are my main reasons to stop buying toys, what you can do instead, and how you can start to declutter your home.

Why You Should Stop Buying Toys for Kids Now

It would be one thing to have a cheap toy go by the wayside, but more than likely, the toy represents a significant chunk of change.

Toys Are Expensive

As if the toys themselves weren’t expensive enough, almost everything these days needs a few batteries in it, too, adding to the overall price tag.

Batteries Are Expensive Too

With so many toys and not enough time, it’s no wonder most of the toys don’t get enough playtime.

There Is Only So Much Time To Play

The box can become a racecar, a spaceship, a boat, or anything else they can imagine.

They’ll Play With the Box

Keeping the number of toys to a minimum will ensure there will be enough space for all of them and keep the house tidy at the same time.

There Isn’t Enough Space

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