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Worst Cities in the United States to Avoid At All Costs

While there are numerous safe towns and cities in the country, an online discussion about the worst cities in America revealed some destinations that certain social media users recommend avoiding.

Worst Cities in the United States to Avoid At All Costs

The city is notorious for its ever-rising property crime rates and violent crimes, including homicides. Baltimore has some nice sections, but it could be better.

1. Baltimore, Maryland

Located just outside of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Camden is consistently named one of the poorest urban centers in America.

2. Camden, New Jersey

The rate of gun-related violent crime in Chicago is so high the city is disparagingly called “Chiraq” (a combination of the words Chicago and Iraq).

3. Chicago, Illinois

One commenter observes that Detroit is such a rough area because it is still struggling to recover economically from the loss of many good-paying automaker jobs.

4. Detroit, Michigan

In recent years, Flint has made headlines for its water crisis, in which the city’s drinking water became contaminated with lead.

5. Flint, Michigan

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