What Color Should I Paint My Beach House Exterior?

Owning a beach house is the dream of many. The lovely fresh ocean breeze, the sandy beaches, the gorgeous ocean views; it simply doesn’t get better than this! Just like a house out in the country or a city, a beach house has a certain look about it. The color of a beach house should co-exist with the ambiance of the beach experience. It should definitely have a beachy vibe and look, but with so many colors to choose from, what color should you decide to paint your beach house exterior?

Beach house exterior paint colors include; Skipping Stone, Turquoise Porcelain, Stiffkey Blue, Salmon & Blue Raindrop, Kombucha, Athens Blue, Blue Chip, Par Four, Magnolia Green, Light Mint Green, Coral Reef, Iceberg, and Nantucket Fog, to name only a few.

Beach-colored paint can make any house look and feel like a vacation home. We have selected some of the most beautiful, top-rated beach house exterior paint shades that will turn your beachy humble abode into a vacation paradise!

Exterior Beach House Colors: A Quick Overview

The exterior of a house is like the cover of a book. It should give you a taste and feel of what to expect inside. Not only does the exterior of your house improve curb appeal, but it also increases the value of your property.

The beach and the ocean should inspire the color of a beach house. Especially colors that are light and earthy, like the sand on the beach, and bolder colors that mute mid-tones like the ocean’s deep green and blue colors.

There is something incredibly soothing and truly magical about living at the beach. Maybe it is the oceanic environment or the fact that it feels like you are on a permanent vacation, or maybe a bit of both.

Whatever the reason, painting your beach house with nautical colors takes your beach life experience to a whole new realm.

What Color Should I Paint My Beach House Exterior?

We have sought through all the available beach house exterior colors and selected some of the most popular and most beautiful colors to make your beach house stand out above the rest!

Skipping Stone By Benjamin Moore

Think driftwood that has washed up on the beach and dried into a beautiful tan-gray. That is what you will get when you paint the exterior of your house with the beautifully subtle and sophisticated Skipping Stone color from Benjamin Moore’s stunning paint collection.

The color’s warmth is accentuated when paired with a crisp white trim and shutters and a dark green, black or pale blue front door.

Turquoise Porcelain By Valspar

Some homeowners are afraid of choosing too bold colors as they may come across as intimidating. However, when you’re living at the beach, bold exterior walls scream, “we are fierce, fun, and adventurous!”

Painting a beach house a lovely shade of turquoise porcelain makes a statement and has a funky sophistication about it. This shade makes light grey or white trim really pop, so try to incorporate light, contrasting colors into your window frames, shutters, doors, and garden décor.

Stiffkey Blue By Farrow & Ball

This beautiful, nautical deep navy is another bold choice for the exterior of a beach house; however, no beach house owner should exclude this color from the interior or exterior of their home.

Stiffkey Blue is the perfect color if you are trying to achieve a look that ties your beach house to the ocean. This is the perfect shade if you want your beach house to stand out while still respecting the colors of the sea. This color pairs perfectly with white trim and contrasting accents of yellow, perhaps on the front door or large plant pots.

Smoky Salmon By Sherwin-Williams & Blue Raindrop By Valspar

The beautiful blue sky is just as big a part of the look and feels of a beach house as the beach or the ocean. Painting your beach house with Blue Raindrop by Valspar will make even the rainy days seem like a sunny one.

The light, airiness of the blue shade is complimented beautifully with pops of Smoked Salmon by Sherwin-Williams on either the front door or a porch railing. Finishing the look with white trim ties all the colors together in complete harmony.

Kombucha By Behr

When you think of kombucha, you think clean, organic, crisp, and fresh. That is why this stunning shade is perfect for the exterior of a beach house, as it evokes thoughts of the clean, crisp, fresh sea air and the organic beauty of the ocean in all its entirety.

This lovely soft beige shade with its warmer yellow undertones offers a certain calmness and comfort as it invites you in.

Even though this color is perfect for interior walls, it makes a delicate statement on the exterior of a beach house and pairs wonderfully with a dark green, maroon, or red front door and crisp white shutters.

China White By Benjamin Moore & Lite Lavender By Sherwin-Williams

If you are after a softer, airier-looking beach house, this subtle lite lavender shade by Sherwin-Williams is the perfect choice for you. It gives a house a Victorian feel when paired with crisp China White trim and shutters and a yellow or black front door.

To round off the charm and simple elegance of this color combo, incorporate rows of lavender bushes along the pathway or in your garden. Pops of yellow flowers such as sunflowers or pansies paired with the lavender add even more character to this picturesque scene.

Athens Blue By Benjamin Moore

This rich medium blue is heavily saturated and proudly carries the ocean’s colors. Though not a subtle color, its boldness allows contrasting colors such as bright white or grey trim and a coral reef front door to stand out!

It may be a dramatic look that some may find a bit too intimidating, but it accentuates the incredibly dramatic power of the ocean.

Moonstruck By Dunn Edwards

If you want to make your beach house merge with the airiness of the sandy beach or want your house to look like summer, Moonstruck by Dunn Edwards is the way to go.

You want to carry the beach theme throughout your property by adding shades of light blue, perhaps for the front door, and white or medium to dark grey trim.

Par Four By Benjamin Moore

If the color you want is somewhere between grey, blue and green, Par Four from the Benjamin Moore collection would be your go-to shade. Though technically green, this color can appear almost blue or grey, depending on how the light expresses the color.

The color offers a timeless elegance to a beach house and pairing it with a dark turquoise front door, medium grey trim, and white shutters tie your home into a perfect, picturesque cohesive unit.

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Magnolia Green By Magnolia Home

Any shade of green works well as a color for the exterior of a beach house; after all, it blends perfectly into an ocean-inspired palette. Magnolia Green by Magnolia Home represents the ocean theme proudly and respectfully.

As this is a slightly delicate shade of green, pairing it with crisp white trim and burglar bars and a dramatic dark grey or black front door, your beach house will have your neighbors feeling a certain shade of green.

Cool Mint By Benjamin Moore

This subtle yet exciting and outdoorsy Cool Mint shade by Benjamin Moore can work for beach homes that aren’t situated by the beach but rather next to a pond or a lake, near the ocean.

Cool Mint is inspired by seafoam’s green undertone, which naturally links it to the beach. It is rather a sophisticated shade, but it also adds an adventurous element to the house. Complimenting colors include crisp white shutters and trim and a dark grey, black, dark red, dark green, or dark turquoise front door.

Lavender Night Light By Behr & Excalibur Grey By Benjamin Moore

You can reverse this beautiful combo. You could either choose to paint your home in Benjamin Moore’s Excalibur Grey and have Behr’s Lavender Night Light shade painted on your front door, or have the lavender as the color of the walls and paint your front door Excalibur grey.

Whichever subtle combination you choose, both look beautiful and playful enough to suit any beach house exterior. Complete each look with crisp white trim and porch railings, and dark green or dark grey shutters.

Silver Strand By Sherwin-Williams

Silver Strand by Sherwin-Williams looks like a light grey, but if you look carefully, you notice subtle hints of green. This shade offers tranquility to an already tranquil beach environment.

The color seems quite plain, but pair it with a bold green or blue front door and a dark grey or crisp white trim and porch railing.

Coral Reef By Benjamin Moore

This is a color for the eccentric! Even though you would think it to be the perfect color for a front door (which is also stunning), painting your exterior walls with this beautifully bright shade of coral will not only make your beach house pop but will express your playful personality.

Complete the look with fresh and crisp white trim and a contrasting black, dark grey, white, turquoise, or mint green front door.

Iceberg By Benjamin Moore

For this next color, close your eyes and picture the soft shoreline, feel the cold and crisp sea breeze blowing gently through your hair and onto your face, and listen to the sound of the ocean waves crashing on the beach.

When you open your eyes, you would expect to see a beautiful muted light blue color, and that is exactly what Iceberg by Benjamin Moore has to offer. There is a calmness about it, a light airiness that makes you want to take off your shoes and walk barefoot on the beach.

Add a bit of edge with a dark navy blue, medium to dark grey-beige, or even a coral color front door to complete this peaceful look. If you have shutters, opt for a crisp white or a dark grey, and round off the look with fresh white trim.

Atlantic Schooner By Valspar

Atlantic Schooner by Valspar is the perfect option for your beach house exterior if you like bold colors. The color carries a certain elegance but with a majestic and adventurous edge like the powerful ocean.

The dynamic look that this color brings to your property can be tamed with white trim and natural wood shutters. Finish this fantastic look with a popping yellow, rose red, or neutral grey front door.

Grey Pinstripe By Pantone

The thing about a beach house is that it should look and feel different than a house in the city or a rural area. There is nothing subtle about the magnificent ocean, so why should your home be any different.

Living near the beach should be an exciting experience, so why not incorporate that excitement into the exterior color of your beach house? This stunning Grey Pinstripe by Pantone sets the stage for some fun.

It is the perfect shade to pair with playful colors such as a bright yellow, turquoise, bright red, mint green, or deep purple front door, and light grey or white trim. If you have shutters, go for the natural wood or a contrasting white.

Nantucket Fog By Benjamin Moore

Think of a foggy morning on the coast of New England, and you will see the color that is the same as Nantucket Fog by Benjamin Moore. With its beautiful, neutral, muted blue undertones, it pairs perfectly with shades of light blues, dark greys, beige, grey-beige, and dark navy blue.

Pops of color are a must-have in a beach home; therefore, having a coral, turquoise, dark green, red, or dark orange front door is just what your home needs to create a fun yet elegant-looking beach house.


Whether you like a simple, elegant-looking beach home, or you prefer a more playful, bohemian, beach-inspired, colorful beach house, our list of exterior paint offers something for everyone.

Don’t be afraid to try different combinations every now and then. After all, the ocean is everchanging, so there is no reason why your décor should stay the same. Have fun with your project, and remember that the best things happen when you step out of your comfort zone.