What Do You Buy At The Beach?

Planning a trip to the seaside, but wondering what you buy at the beach to take the hassle out of packing all the items you or your family might need? Do you find the mere thought of carting an armful of stuff in the sun across the hot beach sand daunting?

Buy the items you need at the beach. Many beaches have a wide variety of shops, boutiques, rental kiosks, and food vendors available. You can buy all sorts of items at these outlets, from sunscreen to ice creams, from swimsuits to beach games, eradicating the inconvenience of packing and carting.

So, what do you buy at the beach? That depends on what you and your family enjoy, but always ensure you have the essentials. You must buy these non-negotiable items to protect yourself from the sun’s harsh rays. Once that is done, you can then focus on the non-essential items.

What Items Do You Buy At The Beach?

Create a list of essential and non-essential items to ensure nothing is forgotten on beach day. Also, make sure that the beach you are going to has the necessary vendors, shops, and kiosks available to buy your listed items at the beach.

What Are The Essential Items You Buy At The Beach?

Three words to remember that will help create an essential list of to-buy items at the beach are protection, hydration, and comfortability. Protect your skin and keep yourself hydrated at the beach to avoid sunburn and sunstroke. But it’s also just as important to be comfortable in your clothing and how you are relaxing.

Can You Buy Sunscreen And Lip Balm At The Beach?

Sunscreen is the most important item to purchase at the beach. You could suffer severe sunburn and long-term skin ailments if you do not protect your skin.

  • Ensure the sunscreen you buy has a high sun protection factor, and always reapply it after getting wet.
  • Like your skin, your lips require protection too. Purchase lip balm with a good sun protection factor. If not protected, it could lead to severe sunburn and blistering.

You can buy both these items at the same shop.

Will Water Be Available At The Beach To Buy?

Many beaches have vendors carrying coolers filled with ice-cold water to sell. Excessive sweating from heat can cause dehydration, so ensure you have enough cool water readily available to remain hydrated.

Are Essential Accessories Available To Buy At The Beach?

If the beach you are at has a clothing boutique, kiosk, or shop, you’ll be able to buy a variety of accessories essential for a day at the beach.

  • Buy a sun hat to give you the coverage you need on your head and around your face.
  • The sun’s rays bouncing off the beach sand and water can severely strain your eyes. Protect your eyes from the sun’s rays by wearing sunglasses with UV protection. Sunglasses also acts as a barrier to wind-blown dust and sand.
  • If you find yourself at the beach without flip-flops, purchase a pair immediately. You’ll need these to get from your spot on the beach to the water and running barefoot over the hot sand is not an option.
  • A bathing suit or swimming trunks might be essential for some and non-essential for others. Either way, purchase one at any of the clothing kiosks or shops at the beach.
  • The same applies to a swimsuit cover-up. Buy a kaftan or sarong at one of the clothing boutiques at the beach.
  • Purchase a pack of hand sanitizer wipes at one of the shops. It comes in handy for several reasons, like cleaning your hands or wiping off picnic equipment.
  • Buy a waterproof phone pouch to seal your phone if you want to take photos while frolicking in the waves.

Do You Buy Beach Furniture At The Beach?

Spending long hours in the baking sun on a beach can become quite unbearable. It’s vital to ensure you are comfortable and protected from the sun.

  • It’s a good idea to have a beach umbrella to provide you with some shade some of the time. Many beaches offer this as a free or rental service, so you need not buy it at the beach.
  • A beach tent protects you from the sun and the wind. It’s compact and easy to erect. Consider buying it at the beach, especially if you have toddlers.
  • It’s not possible to sit on the hot beach sand. A folding beach chair would be ideal for lazing and dozing off if you so desire. You also need not buy it as many beaches offer it as a free or rental service.
  • If folding beach chairs are not an option, then a beach mat is the next best thing. These are light and easy to roll up. Often, these can be purchased at the same shops or boutiques on the beach that sell sun hats.
  • Many beaches offer beach towels as a free or rental service. It’s versatile and has more than one function. You can use it for sitting on the hot beach sand or as a picnic blanket, besides drying you off.
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Some Of The Non-Essential Items You Buy At The Beach

You can buy a range of non-essential items at the beach, but it depends entirely on what you and your family enjoy. Let’s list a few to help you decide.

Am I Able To Buy Fast Food And Soft Drinks At The Beach?

Most beaches would have food and beverages available for sale. There might be food trucks, shops or vendors casually walking the beach selling their items.

  • Food trucks might be parked at certain spots along the beach. You’ll be able to buy a light snack or a hearty meal from any of these.
  • Buy a soda from a shop or a vendor at the beach.
  • Many beaches have ice cream vendors strolling the beach carrying coolers with all sorts of cold treats you can buy. Some beaches have a variety of ice cream parlors you can choose from to buy a cool and creamy tub or cone.

What Entertaining Items Can I Buy At The Beach?

If your family enjoys playing various kinds of board and physical games, there’s a variety you can buy at some of the shops at the beach, or you can opt for something more relaxing.

  • Buying a waterproof deck of cards at the beach would be great as they won’t get damaged.
  • For something more physical, buy the bucket ball beach game or frisbee, and for the younger ones, collapsible sand buckets, to name a few.
  • If your idea of a relaxing beach day involves catching up on some reading while catching a suntan, buy some magazines or a novel from one of the shops at the beach.
  • Inflatable armbands or life vests will be ideal to buy at the beach, especially if you have young ones. It’ll also help them float while playing around in the waves.
  • If the beach you are at has good waves for surfing, buy a surfing lesson. It’ll be great fun for the whole family to enjoy.
  • Buy souvenirs to remember your day at the beach at one of the many curio shops or kiosks. Many beaches have plenty to offer.


You can buy plenty of things for yourself or your family at the beach. However, you’ll need to research the beach you are going to, to check what kinds of shops, boutiques, vendors, or kiosks are available. Once you’ve established that, draw up your lists of essential and non-essential items to buy at the beach.

Lastly, but most importantly, don’t forget your wallet.