What Is A Beach House?

To many people, the possibility of a holiday at the sea, enjoying the natural beauty of the seaside and relaxing in a beautiful home, is appealing. There are various options available to those looking for time away from home, with beach houses presenting an increasingly popular possibility. So, what is a beach house?

A beach house is used as a holiday destination for people looking to have a break from their daily lives. A beach house offers people the opportunity to relax at the beach in a beautiful atmosphere. Beach houses usually are designed to reflect the natural beauty of their surroundings. 

Beach houses are a popular option for people who need time away from their busy schedules and to enjoy the seaside as a place for relaxation. However, there is more to beach houses than you might think.

What Are The Characteristics Of A Beach House?

Beach houses are houses on or near the beach. People use beach houses for a variety of reasons including as a holiday destination for short or medium-term stays, or as a second home to which they commute on occasion.

Unlike the traditional homes people live in, beach houses have a different design aesthetic to encourage the feeling of being close to the beach and connecting with nature. The design of a beach house is carefully considered to have the maximum impact on guests wanting a place of relaxation.

Because a beach house is mainly intended to be a place of relaxation, the design often reflects a casual feel in neutral tones of beiges, blues, and yellows, inspired by the beauty of the beach. They tend to have streamlined designs both inside and outside.

These houses often will be light and breezy, designed to amplify the beauty of their location, and often include large glass doors and windows, high ceilings, and balconies. They tend to have a lot of natural light inside the houses, giving them a light and airy feel, designed to encourage you to relax.

They are usually painted in cool light tones inside, and the layout of the rooms has a natural flow, with stack doors opening onto the balcony or beach so guests can move freely from one room to another. They have open-plan living areas where friends and family can spend time socializing and enjoying the view of the ocean.

Décor often includes a lot of glass, for example, in a staircase design or as finishes on cupboards and wardrobes. To encourage relaxation, many beach houses include bamboo flooring and use natural fibre rugs and linen. It is these simple design elements that offer guests a change from their everyday homes and inspire relaxation.

What Are The Different Types Of Beach Houses?

While the design elements of beach houses are similar no matter where you go, the types of this kind of home vary.

A beach condo is an accommodation unit situated in a group of buildings and is not a stand-alone property. Typically, these properties feature shared access to areas like the pool, garden, and fitness rooms.

A beach bungalow is a small, detached house on the beach with a low-key design aesthetic.

A luxury beach house comprises at least six bedrooms, swimming pools, gardens, and facilities like fitness facilities. These homes tend to require a lot of land because they are most often single or, at the most, double story and seldom go higher than that.

Beach houses are not only built on dry land. Some are built above water and on sloping hills. Stilt, pier, and platform beach houses are built in areas requiring additional frameworks to accommodate tides and slopes.

These houses are found in Florida, South Carolina, North Carolina, New Jersey, California, Oregon, and Washington State.

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Should I Buy A Beach House?

Thinking about extended holidays at the beach, relaxing amongst nature and beautiful décor is tempting to many people. However, it’s advisable to research what this would involve.

The main benefit of buying a beach house is the potential return on investment and the fact that many beach house owners successfully rent out their properties during peak tourism times, allowing them to enjoy their getaway during out-of-season times.

However, owning a second home is a lot of work, and the coastal climate can be a challenging place to own a home. Houses near the sea are known to require more maintenance due to the salty air and tendency for rust to set in faster than is typically the case on properties inland.

Buying a beach house is generally considered risky, given that you can seldom predict trends in the housing market, input costs, and the reality of upkeep.

Can I Rent A Beach House?

Renting beach houses for short periods, from a few days to a few months, has become a popular option amongst people working from home. Beach houses are readily available for rent on websites like Airbnb and property rental agencies worldwide.

Where Are The Most Popular Locations For Beach Houses?

Location, price, and weather are three factors that heavily influence the popularity of beach houses. This paragraph highlights the country’s three most popular areas for enjoying the seaside.

  • Galveston, Texas, is the most popular place for beautiful beach houses with excellent air quality, warm weather, and a variety of outdoor activities on offer, including walks in Galveston Island State Park, the pier, or fishing and kayaking in the clean coastal waters off the Gulf of Mexico.
  • Orange Beach, Alabama, is the second most popular coastal destination where water sports, including jet skiing, parasailing, scuba diving, and kayaking, give guests more opportunities to enjoy the pristine surroundings. The town’s air quality score is less than Galveston’s, but some would argue the array of outdoor activities on offer more than makes up for it.
  • Florida’s Panama City Beach is third on the list with its beautiful, clean white sand beaches on the Gulf of Mexico. Florida’s best beach town features activities for the whole family like zoos, wineries, and conservation parks and is only a five-hour drive from nearby cities Atlanta, Georgia, and Jacksonville.


Beach houses are places where people gravitate to escape the fast pace of life. They generally resemble a streamlined and simplistic design, and the décor is light and airy to reflect the seaside surroundings.