What Is Florida Coastal Style?

So, you have a beautiful beach house or cottage in Florida, and you’re looking to decorate? Decorating the Florida-way will be great fun! Speaking from experience, you can expect warm oranges, palmy greens, and ocean blues on your soon-to-be favorite Wicker or Rattan chair. So, let’s explore Florida’s coastal style in all its glory.

Florida coastal style favors a natural, casual beach-like atmosphere with warm reds, yellows and oranges, leafy greens, and ocean blues. Seashells and beach signs add personality. Keep the atmosphere light with Rattan or Wick furniture, ensuring to open all windows for maximum natural lighting.

Decorating should be fun and adventurous and involve a lot of risk-taking! Let’s get our fill and dive into Florida’s coastal style of blues, greens, and oranges. We’ll also take a look at what furniture to buy for indoors and outdoors, which accents to consider, and how you can add some personality to your decorating.

What Is Florida Coastal Style?

Your interior design and decoration concept will look and feel dreamy when you combine the qualities of your property and its immediate surroundings. Florida should evoke casual and breezy living at the seaside as the Sunshine State. So, avoid dark walls and heavy woods that hamper the natural beach-like atmosphere of Florida.

Keep your walls white, off-white, or in a pastel hue and emphasize lighter woods, such as pine or maple, for a lighter atmosphere, whether it’s a modern design style or beachy decorating theme.

Colors and lush natural settings that speak to you should are the best type of complements. Warm sand tones, as well as sea and sky blues, are fantastic colors to include in your house. Leafy greens, beautiful burnt orange, or the pink of a hibiscus works wonderfully as highlights.

How Important Is Natural Lighting?

An abundance of light maintains the laid-back beach vibe while also providing some seclusion and relief from the sun’s rays. Many windows that let in natural light are not uncommon in Florida homes. Florida style highlights casual furniture made with natural materials, celebrating beautiful views and natural light.

Beautiful vistas and natural light are the focus in Florida style, which emphasizes casual furnishings built of natural materials. Go with a color palette inspired by the ocean; glitz in the form of mirrors and glass, and natural accents like seashells or coral work well. Homes in Florida often have multiple open windows that let in a lot of natural light.

Add A Whimsy Accent For A Bit Of Flavor

While you don’t want to go crazy with the quirky beach motif, it’s great to incorporate a bit of it if it fits with your design. It may be a fun beach sign that says something like, “If you can read this, you need another margarita” – a few humorous design ideas work well in a Florida house.

You might also want to consider decorative alternatives in the style of Mediterranean, Palm Beach, or a Key West. Since Florida can be pretty hot, it will help to make it appear cooler and breezy.

What Furniture Suits Florida Coastal Style?

Furniture is an essential coastal element that helps set the atmosphere while making you feel at home. Wicker and Rattan furniture are particularly adept at making this happen, so let’s explore them in more depth.

Rattan Furniture

Rattan is a natural material derived from a climbing vine-like palm plant, excellent for producing furniture, baskets, and other home decorations. This tough-as-nails material may be twisted or woven into various forms and designs. 

Rattan isn’t just for the outdoors despite its popularity on patio furniture due to its weather resilience. The tropical material can provide luscious texture to any decor, whether used on furniture, lighting, or tabletop items. Rattan looks excellent in various styles, including coastal, bohemian, and classic, and it’s easy to paint for a fresh appearance.

Rattan can weave into various furniture pieces, including couches, chairs, accent tables, folding screens, and more. Rattan is a lightweight and readily accessible material that is often less expensive than other furniture materials, making it suitable for a room makeover on a budget.

Rattan offers a relaxed, inviting vibe, ideal for environments where comfort is a priority. Pair rattan with plenty of plants, floral or botanical patterns, and other natural materials like jute or wood to emphasize the material’s inherent charm.

Contrast the laid-back vibe of Rattan with sleek mid-century furniture and chrome accessories for a more eclectic aesthetic.

Spray-paint rattan furniture in a bright, eye-catching color, or go with classic white for a more conventional effect. A new coat of paint can immediately update rattan furniture, giving cheap or secondhand discoveries a unique appeal. Furthermore, rattan furniture is lightweight and portable, making it ideal for rearranging.

Wicker Furniture

Wicker furniture bears the mark of a handful of woven natural vines, grasses, and plants. In particular, there are four major types of organic materials used for indoor wicker furniture: Rattan, reed, willow, and bamboo, with Rattan being the most popular for indoor use. For this reason, some people refer to wicker furniture as rattan furniture.

Although Rattan is favored for its attractiveness and superior durability, the texture and look of wicker furniture can vary greatly depending on which materials get used.

Despite its durability, Wicker is not entirely indestructible. It is advisable to tend for outdoor Wicker furniture, in particular.

It’s critical to wipe it down after rain or if it becomes wet for any other reason, as moisture may rapidly lead to mildew. It’s worth keeping it away from direct sunlight since this can cause splintering in certain varieties of Wicker. A big umbrella or putting the furniture in a covered area might help it keep its appearance.

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Florida coastal style is all about keeping it natural and light – remember your blues, greens, yellows, and oranges. Wicker and Rattan furniture work very well because they’re inexpensive, easy to move around, and appealing to the eye. Lastly, don’t forget some unique beach signs or seashell decorations to add personality and flair to your work.