What Is The Best Month To Have A Beach Wedding?

You’ve met that special someone and your childhood dreams of a memorable wedding on the beach have now become a reality!  But what is the best month to have a beach wedding? 

September is the best month to have a beach wedding.  Comfortable temperatures and less crowded beaches make autumn a good wedding season.  There are lovely seasonal flowers, stunning wedding destinations and venues to choose from for your special day.

Planning a wedding can be stressful, from the venue to the catering, finding the perfect wedding attire, selecting flowers, and so many other choices that have to be made.  Read on for some helpful ideas for your special day and why September is a good month for a beach wedding.

September Is A Wonderful Time Of Year At The Beach

September in the US is the beginning of autumn, and the temperature is starting to slowly cool down.  Let’s look at why September is such a popular and best time of year for a beach wedding.

Temperatures At The Beach In September

The daytime temperatures at the beach average from a high of 87°F and a low of 77°F.    This is perfect weather for guests to sit outdoors for a wedding ceremony, and it is warm enough to also have the reception on the beach.

Days and nights slowly start cooling down, but coastal towns still enjoy beautiful sunny and warm days and evenings.  Although there’s a low risk of rainfall at this time of year, always have a backup plan where your ceremony and reception can be held should it rain on your big day.  

Most venues will have indoor patios or beautiful reception rooms overlooking the sea, which could be an attractive alternative.  You could also opt for a tent on the beach for your wedding ceremony and reception. 

Beautiful tents can be dressed and draped for elegance or stunning simplicity.  Tent poles can be hidden with gorgeous flower arrangements.  And if it does rain, the bride that weds on a rainy day will have good luck and lasting happiness!

Crowds At The Beach In September

In September, the beaches are much less crowded as most holidaymakers and tourists have had their seaside vacation.  Your wedding venue planner will be there to select the best spot on the beach for your wedding party without outside disturbance.

September Beach Time, Less Bugs In The Air

As a bride, you will not have to worry too much about pesky bugs zooming around your guests during the ceremony and the reception.  The beach bugs are much less at this time of year.

September Fall Colors Best For Weddings

During September, the beautiful and vibrant fall colors are warm and elegant.  Deep maroons, dusty or navy blues, burnt oranges, emerald greens, and mauves.  You can add accents of pastels, silver, gold, bronze, and pewter to these colors for a rich autumn feel.

September is Halloween, so some of these elements can be incorporated into an autumn wedding.  You could dress this theme up to be elegant by using rich colors and brocade materials.  Use gorgeous colored foliage and ferns, berries with forest flowers, tree cones, and twigs as part of your décor.    

September Flowers For A Beach Wedding

These are the flowers that bloom in September and are ideal for beach weddings:

Dahlias For September Beach Weddings

Dahlias have beautiful colors of peach, red, lavender, orange, pink, and many other hues.  These blooms have long, strong stems, are weather-resistant, and look beautiful in bouquets and floral arrangements.  The Dahlia flower symbolizes wealth, elegance, love, and involvement.

Plumeria (aka Lei Flowers Or Frangipani) Are Autumn Blooms

Their starlike quality, alluring fragrance, and beautiful flowers in bright red, white, yellow, orange, and pink make lovely Plumeria one of the best beach wedding flowers.  They will add a touch of the Islands to the floral décor and will not wilt quickly under the hot sun. 

You can drape these blooms over the back of chairs and add them to archways; they are lovely for corsages and beautiful as table decorations.  Plumeria has a subtle sweet smell to engage the senses and symbolize birth, love, and new beginnings.

Orchids For September Wedding Elegance

The colors and rich quality of the petals of orchids will bring a touch of elegance to your wedding décor.  Exquisite archways can be decorated with orchids, and table arrangements will add a touch of exotic extravagance. 

Not to mention a gorgeous wedding bouquet with these delicate and beautiful blooms.  Orchids symbolize love, beauty, refinement, many children, thoughtfulness, and mature charm.

Calla Lily Perfect September Blooms

With their feminine, curved blooms, Calla lilies will look stunning in a small bouquet of simplistic beauty.  This beautiful flower has shades of classic white, yellow, orange, pink, rose, dark maroon, and lavender.

Mix Calla lilies with some baby’s breath and greenery for elegant arrangements on tables filled with candlelight.   These lilies are ideal as they can withstand the harsh seaside weather.  Calla lilies symbolize purity, holiness, and faithfulness.

King Proteas For September Weddings

Beautiful and striking proteas with their large heads and peachy pink petals will give your wedding a nostalgic touch of Africa.  These flowers are large enough for your bridesmaids to carry only one.  At the same time, your bouquet can be paired with roses and beautiful foliage to show off the loveliness of the protea. 

Protea looks great in huge vases and will be eye-catching accessories to your wedding décor.  This flower symbolizes strength, courage, and resilience.

Gerber Daisies Bring Color To A Beach Wedding

The brightly colored, cheerful daisy-like Gerber flower will add stunning hues of pink, yellow, salmon, orange and white to your wedding décor.  Use them for your table decorations and bridesmaids’ bouquets. 

These lovely colorful flowers will look fabulous against the neutral color of the sand and sea.  Gerber daisies symbolize innocence, purity, cheerfulness, and loyal love.

Roses Are Romance On The Beach

Roses speak of romance and love and are perfect for a bride’s bouquet at a beach wedding.  Beautiful shades of warm creams, yellows, oranges, and reds like the colors of the sunset will be stunning against the blue of the ocean.  Wear some roses in your hair for a soft and feminine touch.  Roses are the perfect wedding flower and symbolize God’s love in the world.

Berries In Autumn

Mixing berries with beautifully colored leaves and flowers will add volume and texture to your floral arrangements and bouquets.  Berries such as hypericum, viburnum, and snowberries are available throughout the year.  You could also include blueberries, blackberries, and cranberries for adding beautiful rich colors to your décor.

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September Beach Wedding Destinations

Choose beautiful sunny beaches with gorgeous warm weather in small towns or large cities throughout the US.  Give your guests a touch of nostalgia by opting for quaint seas-side towns from their childhood.  Or choose a city or town venue for new discovery and adventure.

The wedding destination and venue should be meaningful and unique to you and your partner, so choose the perfect setting and place for a memorable wedding day.  Most venues will eagerly help you plan your perfect day on a picturesque beach. 

A wedding planner will make all the necessary arrangements for you.  Leave the preparations in their capable hands so that you can just enjoy your big day.

Below are a few wedding destinations where the weather is perfect for a September beach wedding:

Maui, Hawaii

One of the most coveted destination weddings in the world is beautiful in September.  Spectacular beaches, stunning venues, and pleasant weather (70°F to 80°F) are part of the Island’s magic. 

As September is the off-season, there will be fewer holidaymakers.  From mid-September, the rates are usually lower than the peak season.  Your guests will just love this destination!

San Francisco, California

The eclectic-chic vibe of this city is perfect for a beach wedding.  You could opt for Baker Beach, Ocean Beach, or Stinson Beach as your wedding venue.  Choose a late afternoon beach ceremony on Baker Beach and have a spectacular sunset view of the Golden Gate bridge.  

The weather is perfect in September (70°F to 80°F) with very little chance of rainfall.  However, this city is busy this time of year, so decide ahead of time.

Portland, Oregon

Phenomenal cuisine, clear waters, and gorgeous sea views make Portland a lovely wedding destination.  The charming Cannon Beach seas-side town with views of the spectacular Haystack Rock will delight your guests. 

No swimming is allowed, but your guests can go for long walks along the water’s edge or visit the art galleries and shopping boutiques.

You can choose from a few stunning wedding venues for your special day, all with beautiful beach access.  Daily maximum temperatures average at 64°F to 75°F in early September.

Cape May, New Jersey

Charming old architecture, the pretty harbor, and the gorgeous beach, an ideal wedding destination!  Day temperatures average 77°F, and it is off-season, so there are fewer crowds.   Choose one of the lovely venues on the beachfront for your wedding day.

San Diego, California

September is the best month to be in San Diego.  The temperatures average from a high of 75°F to a low of 65°F, and the tourist season is over.  Coronado Beach is a beautiful beach for a wedding, with many lovely seaside venues that will help you plan a perfect day.

Dauphin Island, Alabama

If you want a low-key and peaceful setting, opt for this east coast destination.  Temperatures in September are warm (86°F).  There are attractions such as the Historic Fort Gaines and Audobon Bird Sanctuary for your guests to visit. 

Take a ride on the ferry for spectacular viewing of birds and sea life.  Dauphin Beach has some beautiful venues for your special day.

Anna-Maria Island, Florida

Located in the heart of the Florida Gulf Coast, with warm weather (84°F) and sparkling white sandy beaches, another beautiful wedding destination!  Sightseeing, museums, exhibits, and walking on the beach are all on the menu for your guests. 

Find a wedding planner to navigate you to the best venues and plan your special day.

These are just a few beautiful and picturesque seaside locations and pristine beaches for your September beach wedding. 

Time Of Day For September Beach Wedding

Having your beach wedding in September, the days are warm, so you will have the option to hold the reception anytime during the day.  Here are some options:

September Early Morning Beach Wedding

An early morning wedding (8am) is a special time at the beach.  It is usually quiet, and the sun has not completely woken up, so it provides a perfect setting and light for photographs. 

It will be warm but not hot, and it’s not too early for your guests, who will appreciate the comfortable weather and beautiful view of the ocean.  Seat your guests on benches placed on the sand in a relaxed boho setting.

Carry the boho theme to your reception afterward, and serve a delicious brunch, picnic-style on the beach.   You can seat your party on giant pillows at low tables beautifully decorated for a feast.  

A menu with fluffy omelets, waffles with syrup, fresh fruit, and plenty of mimosas will keep your guests well-fed and happy.  Beautiful florals such as plumeria or roses will look lovely in the morning light.

September Mid-Morning Beach Wedding

A mid-morning ceremony held at 10:30am on the beach is ideal as the sun will not be at its warmest.  Beautiful photographs with bright lighting will capture your special day.  Guests will still be comfortable sitting in the mid-morning sunshine.   Or you could have them sit under a tent with open sides.

The reception can be moved to a shaded patio space on the beach for an exotic wedding lunch.  A seafood and sushi bar, salad bar with warm and cold veggies, a delicious pie station, and a selection of meats, cheeses, and bread will be a delightful wedding feast.

Follow up with a sweet bar with various delectable desserts to tempt your guests.  Serve margaritas, Pina Coladas, and other tropical mixed drinks, flavored rums, and vodkas with splashes of mango, coconut, or citrus extracts.

Gorgeous Gerber daisies have bright and happy faces and will look spectacular on the beach setting and in floral table arrangements.

September Late Afternoon Beach Wedding

Have a late afternoon wedding at 5.00 pm.  Hold the ceremony on the beach when the sun has cooled down.  Perfect memories can still be captured in this light with the sea and sky as the magical backdrop. 

Guests will enjoy the pleasantly warm temperature as you say your vows, so seat them on comfortable wooden chairs.  Adorn your aisle with a long sisal carpet edged with potted dahlias in terracotta pots.   Pledge your love under a bamboo arch decorated with dahlias, green foliage, and berries.

Guests can be seated at long tables under a stringed light canopy for the reception.  Place lots of candles and some lanterns on the tables for soft and romantic lighting.  Adorn the table with tall vases of Calla lilies and low floral arrangements with dahlias and berries.  You could host a wedding barbeque buffet or have food stations with pasta, oriental cuisine, and a carving station. 

Serve the wedding meal with lots of wine and champagne as your guests watch the spectacular sunset over the ocean, and the fairy lights will create a magic of their own.


September is the best time to have a beach wedding.  The beaches are less crowded, some venues have better rates, and the temperatures have cooled down after the hot summer.  Lovely flowers are available for your floral décor.  There are fabulous wedding destinations and beautiful beaches throughout the US to host your special day.